Tavanta is focused on the research and development of specialty drugs that deliver meaningful benefits to patients with serious or debilitating disease.

Tavanta Therapeutics has a balanced, multi-faceted strategy for advancing its differentiated pipeline. It is widely reported that greater than 70% of drugs in development have a solubility challenge which often leads to sub-optimal pharmacokinetics.1 To address this challenge, Tavanta has developed a proprietary High Throughput (HT) Matrix Screening Platform to allow rapid evaluation of a vast range of API-excipient matrices. The platform selects the optimal excipient compositions for the compound to maximize solubility and bioavailability.

The laboratory operations for the company are located in Budapest, Hungary which provides access to some of the most prestigious regional science hubs and academic centers in the region.

Following selection, the formulation can be prepared at scale using industry standard technologies and are protected by global composition of matter and method of use patents. The HT Matrix Screening Platform can be applied to either existing drug molecules or to new chemical entities.

In addition, a Peptide Conjugate Development Platform has been developed to address the challenges associated with conventional peptide development. The platform supports the screening, identification, synthesis and characterization of new peptides and peptide conjugates.