Tavanta uses internally developed platforms for identifying and advancing its differentiated pipeline.

Tavanta Therapeutics has successfully developed and established two internal platforms based on integrated screening and pre-clinical testing to de-risk the development of challenging molecules.

High Throughput (HT) Matrix Screening Platform
The HT Matrix screening platform is a bottom-up approach to improve the dissolution properties of poorly soluble pharmaceuticals leading to the enhancement of pharmacokinetic characteristics such as improved absorption rate and increased exposure often resulting in faster time of onset and/or dose sparing.

Using small quantities of API, the platform integrates formulation, analytics, instrumentation, and know-how to rapidly screen and create drug product compositions designed to maximize the solubility and bioavailability of the drug molecule.

The HT Matrix Screening platform addresses the industry’s challenges associated with poorly soluble molecules.

The HT Matrix Screening Platform has several benefits over conventional formulation development approaches including:

  • Rapid formulation screening to identify lead formulations with increased solubility to promote faster absorption and onset of action
  • Lead formulation optimization to allow for improved characteristics, such as:
    • Increased solubility leading to faster onset of action and increased absorption
    • Enhanced bioavailability resulting in dose-sparing, improved tolerability
    • Change to route of administration to improve patient compliance or convenience
    • Elimination or reduction of food effect
    • Increased stability of heat labile molecules to achieve room temperature storage

Peptide Conjugate Development Platform
To address the challenges associated with peptide-based pharmaceuticals, Tavanta has developed a peptide synthesis platform which supports the screening, identification, synthesis and characterization of new peptides and peptide conjugates.

The Peptide Conjugate Development Platform enables Tavanta to develop peptide-based pharmaceuticals more efficiently.

The Peptide Conjugate Development (PCD) Platform is an integration of in-vitro and pre-clinical in-vivo testing designed to screen, characterize and design new peptides and peptide conjugates.

The PCD Platform offers several advantages over conventional development approaches, including:

  • Capability to rapidly perform early evaluation of prototypes:
    • Detailed chemical and structural analysis
    • Stability testing
  • Fast and effective screening of Proof of Concept candidates:
    • ex-vivo tests
    • in-vivo studies