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Mar 2018

Rapid absorption of nano-amorphous abiraterone acetate is driven by improved dissolution and accelerated conversion of the drug to abiraterone in the intestine

Sep 2017

Development of an abiraterone acetate formulation with improved oral bioavailability guided by absorption modeling based on in vitro dissolution and permeability measurements.

Aug 2017

Novel formulation of abiraterone acetate might allow significant dose reduction and eliminates substantial positive food effect

Jun 2016

Scalable continuous flow technology for the development of pharmaceutical nanoformulations

Aug 2015

Sirolimus formulation with improved pharmacokinetic properties produced by a continuous flow method

Aug 2014

Novel Continuous flow technology for the development of nanostructured Aprepitant formulation with improved pharmacocinetics properties

Aug 2014

Flow chemistry for nanotechnology